pvAccessCPP  7.1.5
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pvac::ClientProvider Class Reference

Central client context. More...

#include <client/pva/client.h>

Public Member Functions

 ClientProvider ()
 Construct a null provider. All methods throw. May later be assigned from a valid ClientProvider.
 ClientProvider (const std::string &providerName, const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::Configuration > &conf=std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::Configuration >())
 Use named provider. More...
 ClientProvider (const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::ChannelProvider > &provider)
std::string name () const
ClientChannel connect (const std::string &name, const ClientChannel::Options &conf=ClientChannel::Options())
 Get a new Channel. More...
bool disconnect (const std::string &name, const ClientChannel::Options &conf=ClientChannel::Options())
 Remove from channel cache.
void disconnect ()
 Clear channel cache.
bool valid () const
 operator bool_type () const
void reset ()


void detail::registerRefTrack ()
epicsShareFunc ::std::ostream & operator<< (::std::ostream &strm, const ClientProvider &op)

Detailed Description

Central client context.

Definition at line 517 of file client.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ClientProvider()

pvac::ClientProvider::ClientProvider ( const std::string &  providerName,
const std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::Configuration > &  conf = std::tr1::shared_ptr< epics::pvAccess::Configuration >() 

Use named provider.

providerNameChannelProvider name, may be prefixed with "clients:" or "servers:" to query epics::pvAccess::ChannelProviderRegistry::clients() or epics::pvAccess::ChannelProviderRegistry::servers(). No prefix implies "clients:".

Member Function Documentation

◆ connect()

ClientChannel pvac::ClientProvider::connect ( const std::string &  name,
const ClientChannel::Options conf = ClientChannel::Options() 

Get a new Channel.

Does not block. Never returns NULL. Uses internal Channel cache.

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