Setting an initial program structure gives presenters an idea of what topics the hosting institution may be particularly interested in, but isn’t necessary.

In recent years the hosting site has been responsible for soliciting and collecting speakers names and talk titles; an Indico website can perform much of the clerical work involved automatically, but the talks will still have to be manual scheduled into the Agenda. Individual talks are usually allotted 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions, but some topics may be given additional time. Recent meetings have also introduced “Lightning talks” which are 5 minutes long with no question time, and these have proven popular and a good way to cover many topics in a short time.

The community will usually submit a number of submissions of presentations, but the hosts should expect to have to do some additional solicitation to fill out the program. This can (should) be informed by topics the host institute is interested in. Communications to the whole community about submitting talks should be sent to tech-talk.