pvAccessCPP  7.1.5
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pvac::ClientChannel::PutCallback Struct Referenceabstract

callbacks for put() More...

#include <client/pva/client.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual void putBuild (const epics::pvData::StructureConstPtr &build, Args &args)=0
 Server provides expected structure. More...
virtual void putDone (const PutEvent &evt)=0
 Put operation is complete.

Detailed Description

callbacks for put()

Definition at line 358 of file client.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ putBuild()

virtual void pvac::ClientChannel::PutCallback::putBuild ( const epics::pvData::StructureConstPtr &  build,
Args &  args 
pure virtual

Server provides expected structure.

Implementation must instanciate (or re-use) a PVStructure into args.root, then initialize any necessary fields and set bits in args.tosend as approprate.

If this method throws, then putDone() is called with PutEvent::Fail

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