pvAccessCPP  7.1.5
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epics::pvAccess::Transport Class Referenceabstract

Interface defining transport (connection). More...

#include <remote/pv/remote.h>

Inherits DeserializableControl.

Inherited by epics::pvAccess::BlockingUDPTransport, and epics::pvAccess::detail::AbstractCodec.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool acquire (std::tr1::shared_ptr< ClientChannelImpl > const &client)=0
 Acquires transport. More...
virtual void release (pvAccessID clientId)=0
 Releases transport. More...
virtual std::string getType () const =0
 Get protocol type (tcp, udp, ssl, etc.). More...
virtual const osiSockAddr & getRemoteAddress () const =0
virtual const std::string & getRemoteName () const =0
virtual std::size_t getReceiveBufferSize () const =0
 Get receive buffer size. More...
virtual epics::pvData::int16 getPriority () const =0
 Transport priority. More...
virtual void setRemoteTransportReceiveBufferSize (std::size_t receiveBufferSize)=0
 Set remote transport receive buffer size. More...
virtual void setRemoteTransportSocketReceiveBufferSize (std::size_t socketReceiveBufferSize)=0
 Set remote transport socket receive buffer size. More...
virtual void setByteOrder (int byteOrder)=0
 Set byte order. More...
virtual void enqueueSendRequest (TransportSender::shared_pointer const &sender)=0
 Enqueue send request. More...
virtual void flushSendQueue ()=0
 Flush send queue (sent messages).
virtual void verified (epics::pvData::Status const &status)=0
 Notify transport that it is has been verified. More...
virtual bool verify (epics::pvData::int32 timeoutMs)=0
 Waits (if needed) until transport is verified, i.e. More...
virtual void close ()=0
 Close transport.
virtual void waitJoin ()
 Call after close() to wait for any worker threads to exit.
virtual bool isClosed ()=0
 Check connection status. More...
virtual void authNZMessage (epics::pvData::PVStructure::shared_pointer const &data)=0
 Pass data to the active security plug-in session. More...

Public Attributes

size_t _totalBytesSent
size_t _totalBytesRecv

Static Public Attributes

static size_t num_instances

Detailed Description

Interface defining transport (connection).

Definition at line 166 of file remote.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ acquire()

virtual bool epics::pvAccess::Transport::acquire ( std::tr1::shared_ptr< ClientChannelImpl > const &  client)
pure virtual

Acquires transport.

clientclient (channel) acquiring the transport
true if transport was granted, false otherwise.

◆ authNZMessage()

virtual void epics::pvAccess::Transport::authNZMessage ( epics::pvData::PVStructure::shared_pointer const &  data)
pure virtual

Pass data to the active security plug-in session.

datathe data (any data), can be null.

◆ enqueueSendRequest()

virtual void epics::pvAccess::Transport::enqueueSendRequest ( TransportSender::shared_pointer const &  sender)
pure virtual

Enqueue send request.


◆ getPriority()

virtual epics::pvData::int16 epics::pvAccess::Transport::getPriority ( ) const
pure virtual

Transport priority.

protocol priority.

◆ getReceiveBufferSize()

virtual std::size_t epics::pvAccess::Transport::getReceiveBufferSize ( ) const
pure virtual

Get receive buffer size.

receive buffer size.

◆ getType()

virtual std::string epics::pvAccess::Transport::getType ( ) const
pure virtual

Get protocol type (tcp, udp, ssl, etc.).

protocol type.

◆ isClosed()

virtual bool epics::pvAccess::Transport::isClosed ( )
pure virtual

Check connection status.

true if connected.

◆ release()

virtual void epics::pvAccess::Transport::release ( pvAccessID  clientId)
pure virtual

Releases transport.

clientclient (channel) releasing the transport

◆ setByteOrder()

virtual void epics::pvAccess::Transport::setByteOrder ( int  byteOrder)
pure virtual

Set byte order.

byteOrderbyte order to set.

◆ setRemoteTransportReceiveBufferSize()

virtual void epics::pvAccess::Transport::setRemoteTransportReceiveBufferSize ( std::size_t  receiveBufferSize)
pure virtual

Set remote transport receive buffer size.

receiveBufferSizereceive buffer size.

◆ setRemoteTransportSocketReceiveBufferSize()

virtual void epics::pvAccess::Transport::setRemoteTransportSocketReceiveBufferSize ( std::size_t  socketReceiveBufferSize)
pure virtual

Set remote transport socket receive buffer size.

socketReceiveBufferSizeremote socket receive buffer size.

◆ verified()

virtual void epics::pvAccess::Transport::verified ( epics::pvData::Status const &  status)
pure virtual

Notify transport that it is has been verified.

statusvefification status;

◆ verify()

virtual bool epics::pvAccess::Transport::verify ( epics::pvData::int32  timeoutMs)
pure virtual

Waits (if needed) until transport is verified, i.e.

verified() method is being called.

timeoutMstimeout to wait for verification, infinite if 0.

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